About us

Arctic One Team

Arctic One was launched in November 2011 to coincide with Matt Kirby running the Antarctic Half Marathon and ‘The Arctic One Foundation – Get Involved’ became a Charity in its own right (Registered Charity 1149536) in October 2012.
Arctic One aims to give opportunities to both able bodied and disabled people to enable them to “Get Involved” in Sport. In addition to this we are exploring the benefits of sport on cancer-related diseases.

We felt that by forming a Charity, we would be able to do more to support these areas and control how the funds raised are spent.

In the first year we developed the Charity extensively including holding the First Junior Para Triathlon in the UK as well as raising over £10,000 to provide opportunities for disabled people to get into sport. From there we have gone from strength to strength and organised the first mass participation Para Triathlon in the UK in 2014, which grew again in 2015. The junior Para Triathlon has also grown in numbers year on year and it is fantastic to give juniors the opportunity to try Triathlon for free.

In 2015, we launched our Forward Motion Grant System which enabled us to give grants to over 30 different people to enable them to pursue their sport including funding prosthetics and equipment.

We have 5 Trustees who work together to ensure Arctic One achieves its aims and develop the Charity to its full potential.

Our Vision

The Arctic One Foundation is not just about raising money, it is about getting people of all abilities Involved and Active in the Community and introducing them to new opportunities in Sport. We believe that everyone has the ability to enjoy sport in some way and that everyone should be given the opportunity to take part in sport.

We also aim to increase the awareness of the benefits of sport in preventing and treating cancer related disease in association with other Charities.

We hope that in some way you will get involved with Arctic One’s Projects and Events and help make a difference.

Our Objectives:

  • Establish and develop a series of Events and Challenges for both able bodied and disabled athletes.
  • Empower, motivate and inspire people through sport.
  • Provide Adaptive Equipment and financial support where possible to groups and individuals to help them achieve their sporting goals.
  • Establish open “Tri-Days” to reach, engage and encourage those with all abilities and disabilities to try a variety of sports and events with both training and coaching.
  • Support projects that contribute to the fight against cancer in terms of Research, Treatment and Cure.
  • Develop the possible link between physical exercise and active lifestyles leading to the prevention and survival from cancer related diseases.