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Super Series at Eton Dorney

Event Overview

The iconic Dorney Lake will provide the backdrop for the series-ending races in the Youth & Junior and Senior Super Series as well as a paratri swim, bike and run in time trial formats.

Para Super Series events: 

The Paratri events will be run as separate events with a swim, bike and run spread throughout the day. There will be 3 separate distances for all three categories so there are plenty of opportunities to try a distance or event and challenge yourself to set a time for that distance in a safe environment 

We are encouraging all para-athletes to come along and have a go at one or more of the events! 

The swim distances will be 200m, 400m or 750m 

The Bike distances will be 5km, 10km or 20km 

The run distances will be 1.6km, 2.5km or 5km 

The maximum time allowed for the swim will be 45 minutes and 60 minutes for the run and bike. 

Youth A&B, Junior and Senior Super series events:

Youth A & Bathletes will be racing on their own, while Junior and Senior athletes will be racing together. 

With the final points on offer in 2022, it will be at Eton Dorney where the champions of the 2022 Youth & Junior and Senior Super Series are crowned

Athletes will be competing in an Eliminator Format. 

Youth A and B will compete over 3 rounds and the older athletes will compete over 4 rounds. Each progressing round will see athletes compete across more heats of fewer athletes. E.g. In a field of 60 athletes, the first round would consist of 2 heats of 30 athletes, round 2 would be 3 heats of 20 athletes, round 3 (the final round for Youth A and B's) would be 4 heats of 15 athletes and round 4 would be 6 heats of 10.

  The final round will essentially act as A, B, C, D (E and F - for Junior and Senior athletes only) Finals, with athletes in the A final receiving the top finishing positions and rankings points, followed by athletes in the B final, then C final and so on. 

All athletes will be able to take part in each round of heats. The eliminator aspect refers to the way athletes will be eliminated in to lower heats and finals through each stage, which will ultimately limit their ranking points.

Super Series - Paratri Swim, Bike, Run

Super Series - Youth A and B

Super Series - Junior & Senior

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